Underfloor Heating

When it comes to deciding on a heating system the way that the heat is emitted almost always comes second to how the heat is produced, but it ought to be thought of as just as important. Improvements in manufacturing and new installation methods mean that underfloor heating can be installed in almost any property, new or old.

What is Underfloor Heating?

Simply put, underfloor heating is a replacement for having radiators on your walls. Heating systems can run much more efficiently when using a well designed and well installed underfloor heating system due to the lower flow temperatures of the heating system and the more constant supply of warmth. This means underfloor heating is ideal for homes where a heat pump is installed as the lower flow temperatures of the heat pump match the lower flow temperatures required for underfloor heating. The system works by pumping hot water through a pipework laid underneath the floor coverings, this used to mean that underfloor heating was only possible in new homes, however, manufacturers are introducing retro fit systems more and more.

Will Underfloor Heating work in my home?

Underfloor heating works in almost every situation and with most heat sources. At Swift we have the capability to design the systems to calculate the most efficient way of installing the pipework, how much pipework is needed, the most efficient flow temperatures for the system as well as the cost of installation. We often design underfloor heating systems in conjunction with heat pumps, allowing us to give customers an idea of running costs as well. For new build homes the process is simple as we can clip the pipework to the insulation boards and the floor is then back filled with screed. We also install retro fit underfloor heating systems, designed to raise the floor level by as little as 13mm. By placing a high efficiency barrier on the existing floor coverings such as timber or an old uninsulated concrete floor we can increase the insulation massively. We then install concrete boards specially designed to work with underfloor heating before laying the pipework into the grooves on the boards. Once this is complete the system is filled, tested and the new floor covering can be laid straight onto the concrete boards.

How much does it cost?

Underfloor heating is not the cheapest option when installing heat emitters, radiators can often be far cheaper, but no other product offers such and even and efficient method of emitting heat into a room. It also means that wall space is not taken up by wall heaters and radiators and is more efficient to heat your home than other methods. Generally, in new builds the cost to install the underfloor heating with manifolds and controls is between £45 and £50 per square metre. For retro systems the cost is greater as there are more materials involved, so the cost is often between £95 to £105 per square metre. This makes retro fit underfloor heatings systems ideal for properties undergoing extensions where the new extension includes underfloor heating. Many of our projects involve us installing a new underfloor heating system alongside a retrofit system. To find out more information on our underfloor heating options please contact us, or alternatively please email a copy of your plans to sales@swiftheatpumps.co.uk for a free quotation.

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