Solar Thermal Heating

Solar Thermal offers a different type of heating altogether. It uses several panels installed on a roof or in the garden, using the heat from the sun to heat the water in your hot water cylinder entirley for free. We offer a range of products, compatible with most cylinders and often install these systems in conjuction with other renwable energies.

Solar Thermal HeatingWhat is Solar Thermal Heating?

Solar Thermal products take a very simple idea, used for hundreds of years, and make it better, much better and much more efficient. It uses the idea of collecting and absorbing heat through the suns rays to heat water. By placing highly efficient collectors on roofs or in locations exposed to the heat of the sun we can heat the hot water in a hot water cylinder.

Solar Thermal Heating is eligible for the RHI and comes with a great tariff so payback time is relativley short, it is a great substitute for more expensive forms of renewable heating and for homes who use a significant amount of hot water it is ideal.

Is it right for me & how much does it cost?

For Solar Thermal to work for you you need a hot water cylinder, thats what this system is for. You also need roof space or a space with little to no shading to install the panels. With solar thermal you typically only need 2 to 3 panels installing as the yield is relatively high.

A typical solar thermal installation can cost between £3,000 to £5,000 but the payback is relatively short as the heating is free, the only power it may use is a circulating pump. Solar Thermal can benefit a great number of homes, and contrary to popular belief it can provide hot water throughout the year. It can also greatly reduce your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint so you can do your bit for the environment.

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