Solar PV

Photovoltaic Panels, better known as PV or Solar Panels are a range of on roof or in roof panels designed to turn the energy from the sun into electricity for your home. Over the years the cost of installing PV has reduced dramatically and as such it has never been a better time to install solar panels on your home. In recent years we have installed heat pumps in conjunction with PV panels, which reduces our customers bills even more.

What is Solar PV?

Pholotvoltaic panels absorb light energy from the sun and use the energy to produce electricity for your home. The electricity produced is used to either power goods in your home or feed it back into the grid, for which you get paid a set amount. The concept is very simple and allows customer to significantly reduce their energy bills as well as meet new building regulations.

Product development in the market has meant that panels are now more efficient and can produce more power than before. Installation systems have also improved and we provide a range of systems allowing panels to be built into roofs or even replace roof tiles with PV panels that look like tiles!

Is it right for me & how much does it cost?

Solar panels are suitable for almost any property, there are systems availble to install in most situations meaning you can benefit from the savings PV offers. A good idea of whether your property is suitable is looking at the shading around any possible locations, PV panels will not perform as well if they are covered in shade. AS well as this PV panels are more suited to installation locations facing South, this way you can maximise the sunlight recieved by the panels. A general domestic installation would be 4kW of electricity, or about 16 panels, this takes up about 25 metres squared of roof space.

A typical installation cost would be between £4,000 and £6,000 depending on the size of the system and the type of brackets installed. With the feed-in tariff dropping the payback on solar PV is not as good as it was, however, they are still an excellent investment and great way to reduce your bills and create green, clean energy for your home.

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