Sheepway, Portishead, North Somerset

Case Study

Location: Sheepway, Portishead, North Somerset
Project: Air Source Heat Pump, upgraded heating circuit. SolarSlate Installation with Battery Storage
Value: £35,000
Renewable Heat Incentive per year: £1,903.06
Energy Savings per year: £812.46

In October 2017 a valued customer of our parent company Swift Mechanical Group, came to us with a desire to upgrade the heating system of a new home he had recently purchased. The house, located in Portishead, is a grand, 100 year old property, with recent a recent extension as well as the original solid brick and stone walls, so plenty of challenges. We were tasked with designing a system that would reduce running costs, upgrade the heating system and hot water system and provide services for new bathrooms. At the same time the customer asked us to design an energy system that would reduce their dependancy on the electricity grid using Solar PV & an intelligent battery storage system.


• Daikin Altherma Air Source Heat Pump Installation
• Daikin Hot Water Cylinder Installation
• Upgraded heating circuit with 120 Litre Buffer Vessel
• Removal of old, inefficient radiators
• Installation of new, traditional column radiators
• Replacement of old, corroded Underfloor Heating Manifolds with new manifolds and new controls
• SolarCentury Solar Slate C21e Modules
• SMA Inverter
• SMA Storage inverter with LG Chem 10kWh battery storage
• MCS Certification with Renewable Heat Incentive Support
• Energy Performance Certificate

Why they chose us

We have a long standing relationship with the homeowner, who runs a commercial body shop in Bristol where we have installed and maintained their air conditioning & ventilation for a number of years. The trust and relationship we have built with the customer meant that he took our advice onboard and was able to add suggestions to our design, such as traditional column radiators. The customer has been undertaking a huge amount of work at the house, including replacing all windows, changing all the bathrooms and insulation, reflecting and re-slating the roof. We were able to offer him a product ideally suited for slate roofs, Solar Century’s C21e SolarSlate modules, which blend in beautifully with the traditional tiles, this, coupled with battery storage, means that the house should be 78% energy dependant.

The Results

The Air Source Heat Pump was commissioned in February 2017 and has been able to provide the family with mains pressure hot water and a more reliable and constant heat throughout the house. We converted the heating and hot water system to pressurised systems, providing them with an up to date heating system, internet controls and a neater and logical installation. The PV system was commissioned in June 2017, meaning the customer will benefit greatly from the summer sunshine, heating the family pool and providing power in the evenings through the battery storage system. The customer is set to save £2,715.52 a year through energy savings and the Renewable Heat Incentive.

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