Renewable energy: its importance in your home

There is a lot of talk about renewable energy, as well as switching from traditional methods of generating energy in your home to emerging technologies that use renewable power sources. The government has announced a plan to push ahead with the Paris climate agreement, and with the price of wind and solar energy continually reducing, there’s never been a better time to invest in renewable energies for your home and business.

The impact of declining renewable energy prices means lower energy bills and new job creation across the country. This emerging sector could be a critical factor in creating a booming economy in a post-Brexit economy. If you’re considering switching your energy usage to renewable energy, read on to understand the things you should think about, and the advantages you’re set to gain!

What is renewable energy?

Unlike traditional fuels used for energy production such as oil and coal, which can have negative impacts on the environment, renewable – or green energy – doesn’t have a detrimental effect on the environment. Renewable energy sources include solar energy, water energy and wind energy, and offer a limitless supply that can be tapped into and generated into power.

Why is it important to use renewable energy? 

If you switch to renewable energy, you will be reducing the amount of carbon dioxide you produce through energy use, which ends up in the atmosphere. This energy is known as your carbon footprint, and governments worldwide are working to support individual and personal incentives to reduce this. The reduction of each person’s carbon footprint will ultimately help to reduce climate change. Unfortunately, the negative impacts we’ve already seen caused by climate change, from rising sea levels to more ferocious heatwaves, fires and droughts cannot be undone. By reducing our carbon footprint, we will each be doing our bit to help prevent future negative impacts of climate change.

Switching our energy usage to renewable sources also means we’ll become less dependent on fossil fuels and gas reserves which are becoming increasingly difficult to find in the earth and as a result have increased prices. As these resources are limited, and seemingly increasingly difficult to source, we are running the risk of becoming dependent on imported fossil fuels, which leaves us at risk as a country in terms of our energy supply.

The government has set targets to achieve 15% energy production from green or renewable sources by 2020 and has plans to cut the country’s carbon emissions by 34% by the same year. To incentivise people to switch to green energy, the government offers tax relief on certain energy efficient choices.

What renewable energy can you use in your home? 

There are several ways you can generate energy from renewable sources in your home. You can attach solar panels to your roof, or in your garden, which help to generate power to provide hot water and electricity throughout your home. Wind turbines are less commonly seen on residential properties, but if you don’t live in a built-up area and planning permission allows, you can install a wind turbine to generate most of the electricity to run your home.

With so many exciting ways to bring renewable energy into your home, there’s never been a better time to invest. If you’re looking to design and install green energy sources in your home, then contact Swift Renewables to discuss your plans. Our expert engineers have experience in managing all aspects of your project, from design and quotation right through to installation. If you’re ready to invest in a more energy-efficient, cost-efficient and greener future, contact Swift Mechanical Group today for a free quotation on 01275 341 111 or email

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