Portbury, Somerset

Case Study

Location: Portbury, Somerset
Project: Air Source Heat Pump, upgraded heating system and Solar PV Installation
Value: £12,000
Renewable Heat Incentive per year:
Energy Savings per year:

One of the first projects we completed for the National Trust was this cottage on the outskirts of Portbury, just outside Bristol. The property was relying on oil as its source of heat and hot water and with the unpredictable cost of heating oil throughout the year and the hassle of arranging for the tank to be filled up the decision was made that this cottage was a key test site for an Air Source Heat Pump so the National Trust could see how it performed and whether it was economically viable. Being an old property it was key for us to size the heat pump correctly, we use room-by-room heat loss calculations which take all surfaces into account and calculate the energy needed to heat room. This allows us to size the heat pump properly, even when it comes to working on older properties with solid stone walls. After the successful installation of an air source heat pump we were asked by the National Trust to design and install a PV system to further reduce the running costs of the property, we were restricted in terms of how many panels we could install due to the roof area. We were able to maximise the systems output by using 285 Watt LG Modules in black as they were installed on the front of the property and were more aesthetically pleasing.


• Daikin Altherma Air Source Heat Pump
• Daikin Hot Water Cylinder
• Upgrading heating circuit with 20kW Elterm Low Loss Header
• Radiator upgrade throughout
• LG 285 Watt Solar PV Modules
• SolarEdge Optimisers and SolarEdge Inverter
• MCS Certification with Renewable Heat Incentive Support
• Energy Performance Certificate

Why the chose us

In August 2015 we were approached by the National Trust and offered the opportunity to design a renewable heating system for 2 of their rental properties in North Somerset. This property was one of those selected by the National Trust as a candidate for a heat pump. We were able to select a product that was eligible for MCS and the Renewable Heat Incentive, a key decision factor for the customer. Another factor being the fact that we are able to install split type heat pumps, most heat pumps require antifreeze in the pipework which in rental properties was a risk, by eliminating the need for antifreeze we removed this risk. As a Refcom registered installer our highly trained engineers can provide the highest quality of installation, not only when it comes to heating pipework, but also for the refrigeration pipework needed for a lot of heat pumps we install.


Completed in February 2015 and serviced twice since its installation, with running costs almost identical to those quoted in our original calculations. This heat pump has brought in £864.96 a year in RHI payments and saved the tenant approximately £212.08 in running costs in the previous 2 years. With the commissioning of the Solar PV system the tenant is set to save even more money in the coming years, with savings of an estimated £149 a year through the PV system alone.

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