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Reduce carbon emissions at work and at home with the help RHI

As a way to promote the use of renewable energies across the country, the government introduced the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) in April 2014 as a way to reduce UK-wide carbon emissions. There are, however, two different strands to this scheme, Domestic and Non-Domestic. Therefore, it’s important that you are fully aware of the differences, [...]

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Renewable energy: its importance in your home

There is a lot of talk about renewable energy, as well as switching from traditional methods of generating energy in your home to emerging technologies that use renewable power sources. The government has announced a plan to push ahead with the Paris climate agreement, and with the price of wind and solar energy continually reducing, [...]

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Is an air source heat pump right for me?

Rising energy bills and depleting natural resources mean many people are moving to more efficient and renewable domestic heating systems. Air source heat pumps are a popular choice, and something we work with regularly at Swift Renewables. The pumps are electric powered low-cost space heating systems. Warmth from the air outside is used to heat [...]

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The biggest myths about renewable energy – BUSTED!

Renewable energy technologies aren’t fully understood by the vast majority of people. There is a lot of misinformation surrounding the subject, and this can lead to you losing out on great renewable energy resources. So to help give you a better idea of what is true or false, we've listed some of the top myths [...]

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Update on renewable energy for domestic use

Across the globe there is a concerted campaign to find fuels that are renewable and reduce environmental impact. The incentives and technology to boost domestic access to renewable energy have increased rapidly in recent times. It means that the switch has never been easier. ​ However, like anything else that’s new and driven by technology, [...]

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