The biggest myths about renewable energy – BUSTED!

Renewable energy technologies aren’t fully understood by the vast majority of people. There is a lot of misinformation surrounding the subject, and this can lead to you losing out on great renewable energy resources. So to help give you a better idea of what is true or false, we’ve listed some of the top myths about renewable energy and debunked them!

1. Myth #1: Solar Panels Don’t Work in Cold, Foggy, or Cloudy Environments

This is one of the biggest myths with regards to solar panels, but in reality, they can actually be a little more efficient in colder weather. It’s true that they produce more energy during Summer (warmer) months, but their actual efficiency is higher when the panels are working at a lower temperature. So you don’t need to worry about having the sun 24/7 for them to work. Lots of people also think solar panels can’t absorb any energy when it’s cloudy, but whilst they may not be at their peak efficiency in these conditions, they do still work! When cloudy, solar panels generate at around 25%-30% of their full potential.

Myth #2: Solar Panels Are Bad for Your Roof

Some people believe that solar panels affect the life of their roof negatively. In reality, they help protect portions of your roof by blocking it from the heat, rain, UV-rays etc. They don’t cause leaks or decrease the life expectancy of your roof. Solar panels are built and come with protective mechanisms such as metal flashing and sealant that help act as an extra barrier to ensure that your roof doesn’t leak. On the rare occasion your roof does need to be repaired, removal and re-installation services are always available to address those needs so you aren’t left stranded!

Myth #3: Renewable Energy is too expensive

This is definitely true of the past, however, in recent years the costs of solar and wind energy have declined significantly. In today’s world, renewables are the top economical solution for new capacity in a growing number of countries and regions across the globe. So there’s no longer a valid reason to avoid solar renewable solutions over a fear you won’t be able to afford it or make your money back. Another bonus is that there are no input costs for the wind and solar energy. For instance, you need to buy coal for a coal-fired power plant to generate electricity, whereas wind and solar energy don’t have input costs like that – simply because sunlight and the wind are free!

Myth #4: Solar Panels Need a Lot of Maintenance

Solar panels are actually very easy to maintain. They don’t have moving parts that require maintenance, unlike other parts of your home. Some people don’t even need to maintain their solar panels at all. In general, however, it is advised that you do clean your solar panels once a year like you would a nice car. You may also need to clean them if any dirt or grime accumulates on the surface, as this can impact performance negatively. However, the performance decrease would only be around 10%, so not a lot at all!

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