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Commercial Renewables

As energy costs continue to rise businesses are learning just how important it is to reduce their bills. The options for reducing costs these days are numerous and vary in how they can save energy. For example, Solar PV is ideal for reducing energy costs in office buildings and large factories. On the other hand Air Source Heat Pumps & Air Conditioning can reduce energy costs and usage by producing super efficient heating, ideal for restaurants, sports centres and shops. We cover all industries and a wide range of services to help companies transition away from inefficient energy systems.

Factories & Commercial

Factories & industrial units often consume a hug amount of electricity and energy, both through machinery use and heating and cooling the building. Our solutions include Solar PV installations, which are able to cut electricity costs by 100% on sunny days, and over the course of a year can save a business thousands of pounds in electricity bills. These systems can pay for themselves very quickly, particularly as installation costs have been reduced over the years.

Other solutions include heating and cooling through air to water heat pumps and air conditioning systems. Air to water heat pumps can provide all the hot water required by buildings for things like bathrooms, showers and cleaning products. Meanwhile air conditioning can be used to provide cooling to processes, work stations and offices as well as heating in the colder months.


Our hot water production and delivery systems use state of the art technology to produce hot water and heating 4 times more efficiently than traditional heating methods. This can then be used for dishwashing as well as supplying the bathrooms with hot water. These systems can be combined with the latest VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) technology to supply air conditioning heating and cooling to the restaurant maintaining a comfortable environment for customers.

High Street Stores

Over the years we have worked with many high street stores and brands to ensure they can maintain a comfortable environment for customers as well as keep costs down. Air to air cooling and heating systems are often used to keep the environment as comfortable as it can be, for employees and customers, the latest air conditioning technology ensures high efficiency to keep running costs down. In many applications we install mechanical heat recovery ventilation systems, a method of changing the air to keep it fresh without wasting the heat by extracting it and replacing it with cold air. This method means the fresh air is already brought up to a reasonable temperature and is a great tool in both commercial and domestic situations.


Many new offices have comfort cooling & heating systems already installed, however, older offices often have no heating or cooling or are using old refrigerant systems which are being phased out. We offer maintenance services and replacement services for this older systems to ensure efficiency is kept at its highest. Heat pump efficiency can drop by 30% in the space if a year if not properly maintained. New systems can be combined with air to water technology to provide all necessary heating & hot water requirements.

Lighting in offices is a necessity but often expensive to run with traditional lighting tubes and bulbs. We offer lighting replacement services, swapping out inefficient lighting systems with new LED lighting which not only lasts long but is far cheaper to run.


Renewables for farming and agriculture is becoming more and more prominent. Whether it is large scale solar installations selling back to the grid or underfloor heating systems with air to water heat pumps for chicken farms, we offer solutions for many applications. By installing large scale solar in fields and on farm buildings not only can you benefit from the electricity savings but enjoy payment for the electricity produced and sold to the grid.

Air source and ground source heat pumps provide an extremely efficient form of heating, 3 to 4 times more efficient than traditional heating systems whilst also benefiting from the governments led Renewable Heat Incentive. More and more projects involve keeping farm buildings warm, from houses to chicken coops, underfloor heating with a heat pump is the perfect solution and owners benefit from huge cost savings and 20 years worth of commercial RHI.