Is an air source heat pump right for me?

Rising energy bills and depleting natural resources mean many people are moving to more efficient and renewable domestic heating systems. Air source heat pumps are a popular choice, and something we work with regularly at Swift Renewables.

The pumps are electric powered low-cost space heating systems. Warmth from the air outside is used to heat water and your home. Because the air is heated by the sun, the energy produced is classed as renewable, benefitting both you and the environment. Before you get started, here are some pros and cons of using an air source heating system.


As well as making savings on your energy bill, the heating systems have a long lifespan, a low carbon footprint and are easy to have installed. Hot water is heated for use straightaway and the systems are highly efficient during summer months. You could also receive money back by producing your own heat through the UK’s Renewable Heat Incentive programme.


Air source heat pumps work best for properties who do not have mains gas, offering larger savings on expensive fuels. They are not the most efficient option for those living on a mains gas supply. The units can produce noise, like an air conditioning unit when running, and because of low COP levels are less efficient in winter.

Still think an air source heat pump is the right choice for you? Swift Renewables can offer a full service to help you access savings and optimum efficiency from your new system. Here are some key things to consider before you buy.


A unit will need to be fitted outside your property, either on a wall or on the ground. A sunny wall is perfect and it will need plenty of space for air flow around it. Make sure you have a suitable space for a pump before moving forward.

Planning permission

Heat Pumps are Permitted Development Rights in England but may need planning permission in Wales and Scotland. You can speak to their local authority to find out whether you will need planning permission before siting a new external air source heat pump.


Are you insulated? Air source heat pumps work by producing heat at a lower temperature than a traditional boiler. If your home isn’t well insulated, you won’t get the best out of your new pump. For optimum efficiency, ensure you have adequate draught-proofing and insulation for your new heating system. If you need to improve your home’s insulation, there are still some government grants available to help with the cost of effectively insulating your home.

Heating system

To get the best out of an air source heat pump, warm air heating or underfloor heating systems perform better than traditional radiator based systems. This is because the pumps perform best at lower temperatures. If you are sticking with radiators, larger ones will need to be installed, so check you have plenty of space before starting.

Financial support

Air to water heat pumps are supported by the Renewable Heat Incentive. The scheme was introduced to encourage uptake in renewable technologies and is hoped to contribute towards an ambition to generate 12% of heating from renewable sources by 2020. To claim this, your heating system installer must be registered under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme. At Swift Renewables, we are proud to be part of the scheme, offering great savings over the long term to homeowners.

Ready to make the move to renewable energy? Swift Renewables have experienced engineers ready to help with all aspects of your project. Get in touch for a free quotation today.

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